Friday, February 27, 2009


Most likely you are not reading this because the pictures below has already drawn your attention... :D That's a good thing! This is my first lingerie shoot, so still learning. Anyways, not much to say, enjoy the photos, more to come!

Playing with background light

Full body shot


Off-camera lighting

Another dramatic lighting

One of my favorite!

One with the special effect

Monday, February 9, 2009

Slideshow Videos / Update

No new posts you say? Sorry, here is what I have been doing:
  • After the wedding photography post, I have been trying to get some customers, figuring out/research rates to charge, etc.
  • I have also been trying to throw together an official web site, since I need an "official" portal for potential clients. Coming soon!
  • As I stalk other photographers, I notice a lot of them are starting to make promo videos. It's like a new trend. I am working with a videographer right now, we should shoot some videos around June. Meanwhile, I have made some slideshows to keep you happy...

HD Version Here