Friday, August 19, 2011

New product! DVD Presentation Case

Most of the people I ask prefer to get their final images on a disc, because it's convenient, and images are shared over the internet these days. I have been giving clients just a regular DVD, nothing special. While it's really the photos on the disc that is the most important, I wanted to "wow" the clients with a little more. Something that they can easily use to share photos online, as well as some offline uses.

After some research, I found a company that makes these DVD holders that also include a small photobook, and everything is protected with a hard outer case. It's all elegantly put together, and the craftsmanship is top notch.

Removing the DVD holder from the hard case.

Bride and Groom names on the case spine.

Top view of the DVD holder, showing the photobook held in place.

Opening up the holder reveals the cover of the photobook.

The DVD holder laid flat. Photobook on the left, DVD on the right.

Removing the photobook from the DVD holder.

Seamless hinge so no part of the images are lost across the pages.

Thick photo paper.

High quality printed DVD in the holder.

The DVD holder, hard case, and the photobook.

Everything put back together for safe storage!

If this is something you are interested, please let me know! I can bring this sample with me to your wedding consult so you can actually touch/feel it.