Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Topeka KS Wedding: Megan + Jeff

Yay! First wedding of 2011! First road trip wedding with Sarah of Sarah Dickerson Photography! Megan and Jeff's engagement session is also the couple that I first got to help Sarah on. From then on, I have been shooting most of Sarah's wedding with her. Fun times!

Given it's early January, there is still snow on the ground, but that only gave us better photos! We went to the state capital for some photos, and the snow shots are taken just in the lawn in front of the building. Both Megan and Jeff were such troopers that coldness didn't get to them, so big thanks for putting up with Sarah and I~

Photobooth: Jessie + Nick

Thought I'd share some photobooth in a different way. I think some of these photos are best viewed in a series.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Kansas City Fire Department (KCFD) at Art Institute

As I was finishing up the day and leaving a wedding reception at the KC Marriott Hotel on Saturday night, I noticed the smoke and flashing lights nearby. Since I still had my camera equipment with me, I decided to take some photos of "heroes in action". I wanted to show my appreciation for all the firefighters have done for us, so I have sent these photos to them. KCFD, thanks again for keeping everyone safe!

So, Always have your camera with you, you never know what you will catch!

P.S. If you look close enough at the first photo, you can see a piece of debris on fire falling down along the wall. :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

St. Joseph Wedding: Kelsey + Adam

The last wedding of 2010! Ended the year with this sweet wedding with Laura of Lark Photography, which included snow! Instead of the "regular pretty photos" of the bride/groom, I have decided to focus more on the expressions and interactions of the couple with their surroundings. I think this makes the set more fun to look at.

Nonetheless, Kelsey is stunningly good looking, so I just had to upload a few of her bridal shots. I was also really excited to see our past clients Abby/Cory and Robyn/Steven at the wedding too, it's like a big family!