Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Kyle invited me to shoot with him again for Celeste. We got all excited, went down to the West Bottoms, got our cameras out, and it started sprinkling. We thought, "man, this sucks!", and moved to under the 12th St. bridge for cover. The rain went away, so we started shooting again, but this time the wind picked up like crazy, kept blowing sand everywhere. We had to call it in early, but here are a couple that I managed to get that session...

Probably the best one of the bunch. I punch the red saturation.

Added my effect, but left some of the red color

The wind was blowing like crazy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Jessica W

Last week was crazy with photography related stuff, some good, some bad. But, one of the good things the came out of it all was my friend Kyle was nice enough to invite me to one of his shoots to assist him. So in between reposing and holding the flash, I managed to snap a few pictures for myself. Meet Jessica. :)

Remember the columns? Unity Village again.

Close up shot

Found a hidden away garden

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

April 2009 Update

I have been busy after Brandi's shoot, some photography related, some not. Here is a quick list of what I have been doing:

Muse Project: A local photographers/models/MUAs meet, it was huge! There was about 20 photographers and 30 models! I didn't even get to count the MUAs. I took so many pictures, ~900! Since I take photos in RAW format, I got 13GB worth of data. I had to borrow a 4GB card from a friend to keep shooting! So, after that embarrassing experience, I bought another 8GB card for backup. Pictures from the Muse Project coming soon!

Business Cards: Another embarrassing moment I ran into at the Muse Project! Part of these get-together events is so that everyone can network. Well, kinda hard when you don't have a card... So, I have also designed myself a card, and it's currently being printed. Hopefully I will get them before my next shoot. There will be another post about the cards later.

Lighting Equipments: I usually shoot with natural light, it's my passion. But then I got to work with some studio lighting at the Muse Project, and after watching Zach Aries' OneLight Workshop DVD, I am really interested to add another element to my lighting. So, as of this morning, I caved and bought a set of Alien Bee's Cybersyncs wireless radio flash triggers and a small softbox for my Canon 580EX II. I look forward to trying these out at my next shoot. More pictures for you guys! Ha ha...


So, tha's what I have done, and here is what's to come!

Photographers' Party: Remember Sheena? The awesome model I got to work with that had sweet boots? Aaron Lindberg was the first to shoot her, and he is throwing a party at his studio next week. I hope to attend and network with various people.

Sportbike Shoot: A mutual friend is doing a shoot with models and sportbikes. I don't have such photos in my portfolio, so I really want to go. We will see how this plays out.

Wedding: I am going to be second shooting a wedding with a friend, it should be fun. He is going to let me use his awesome equipments like the 1D Mark II, 16-35L, 300 f/2.8L, etc... *Drool* :D

Models: I still have like 8+ models that I need to schedule in and shoot, so I should be busy for the next few weekends... Yay!

Thanks for reading my blog! - Mike