Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Callie + Brandon

For the people who followed my photography since the very beginning, may notice that Callie looks familiar. That's because she was one of the first people to help me learn my photography skills by letting me practice shooting her portrait. Fast forward a couple of years, Callie was engaged to Brandon! I am honored she chose me to shoot her engagement session and now the wedding!

Everything on the big day went smoothly, from the nice weather to beautiful venues. The whole bridal party was fun, gave me lots of awesome photos! Callie and Brandon just did their thing, and you get the images below as a result!

Thanks to Jereme Wilson for helping out, and I will be posting some photobooth photos from their wedding soon.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Meagan + Lenn

Lenn is my co-worker at my day job, and it didn't take too long that the word of being a wedding photographer got around the office. Meagan actually make the cake herself (it was really good!) as well as other decorations. It was at the Uptown Theater, where the venue put up their names in the marquee sign. The Uptown was chosen because theater was where Meagan and Lenn met, where he proposed, and now where they got married! It was my pleasure to photograph Lenn and Meagan's wedding.

I also got to work with my good friend Dale who shot the wedding with me, and Jereme of Crosslink Productions who did the video. I had set up a photobooth for Meagan and Lenn's wedding, which I will post some photos in a later post. It was a hit!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Washington MO Wedding: Jill + Nick

This is probably the furtherest out wedding I have booked, years ahead! I met Jill when I work-studied in college, but at the time I was just running around with my point-and-shoot camera. Thanks to Facebook, Jill was able to see that I got into wedding photography, and that she liked my photos. So, when Jill got engaged, she demanded that I shoot her wedding. It's so awesome!

Fast forward to the big day. It started with some drizzling, I was already looking for covered area for photos. However, by ceremony time, the clouds parted and the sun came out, so I was able to have ample beautiful into the church. This wedding wasn't really about the details for me, but all the emotions and interactions. Jill and Nick were very much in love, and all his/her friends/relatives are so close to them, so it was easy for me to capture all the candid feelings.

There are many photos to choose from for the blog, but I think these will do for now. Big thanks to my friend Dale for shooting this wedding with me, and then drive all the way to NC the next day!