Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thanks Manisawn and Daniel!

I thought I'd do something a little different on my blog, I am now going to include testimonials from clients! I will post the nice words from the bride and groom as I get them, so you can get both sides of the story.

The first couple is Manisawn and Daniel, and they actually had a Laotian wedding and an American wedding! Both of their weddings were so beautiful and special, I am glad I got to shoot both of them. Here is what Manisawn wrote back:

"WOW! Mike - you totally out-did yourself! I can't believe how amazing all of the pictures looked! If you ask Dan, I'm totally obsessed (still!) with our wedding photos and can't. stop. looking. at. them! So I did show my family last Friday and they were ECSTATIC! Every single picture, they made a comment on (wonderful/fun/loving comments, of course!) - well, we only made it through all 820 "american" photos that night - somewhere between 1-2 hours in slideshow mode on the TV with the "Colbie Caillat" Pandora playing in the background (haha! I know, I'm a huge dork, but I needed to set the mood!), but we all do have another dinner gathering this Saturday just to look through all 400 and something "Lao" photos!

I have a feeling I'll be taking orders on pictures and size of prints from every single family member! Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures! Dan didn't think that pictures and the photographer would be that important for after our wedding, but I think you made him think otherwise...he loves all of the pictures too and thinks you captured us perfectly - I know you got us both tearing up on Friday just looking back at our special day ;) Love you Mike!"

Man, she got me all teared up! Ha ha! Anyways, here is a photo of me and the couple before I left for the night. Thanks again for the awesome time Manisawn and Daniel!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Engaged: Callie + Brandon

Wow, finally caught a little break after the crazy October wedding season! I have so many weddings I want to show you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

I actually met Callie a little over two years ago, when I first started shooting seriously. I had a casting for people to model for me to build my portfolio, and Callie was graciously to help me out! Forward two years, she noticed that I have moved to wedding photography, and contacted me when she got engaged!

We decided to shoot in the Fall before it got too cold, and actually had really nice weather. Lighting was awesome, and Seng was nice enough to come help me out again. The "different" style photo at the end was shot with off camera flash, which was held by Seng. The shoot was so much fun, can't wait for their wedding!