Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Laotian Wedding: Manisawn + Daniel

You have no idea how excited (and was getting impatient!) I was to shoot this wedding and share it with my dear readers. Manisawn was referred to me by Kristyn of Kristyn Marie Photography and a past bride that I second shot for (Julie's wedding), good to see the small networking is paying off! When I talked to Manisawn, I threw in my usual proposal of engagement shoot and wedding, but she actually didn't really need engagement photos, but instead someone to document their Laotian culture wedding. I have seen other Laotian wedding photos before, so I agreed right away. I think I got the better end of the deal, trading engagement for this, as this is my first "cultured" wedding. :)

There was so much going on in a Laotian wedding, so let me take you through it. I probably have very vague/wrong information here, but at least you get my point of view. Ha ha! Their American style wedding was next day, so give me a couple more weeks for that blog post!

As usual, the bride getting dolled up.

Meanwhile, delicious foods are being prepared outside.

Accessories for the bride.

The "stage" for the ceremony.

Pat Thai noodles, SO very good!

Daniel getting ready too. His robe has to be precisely rolled and folded up.

The groom has to walk over to the bride's place, and try to gain entrance to see her. His friends/family will follow him.

They are negotiating with the bride's family to go in and see her.

Before going in, his feet has to be washed.

And then take a shot!

The groom has to pay for his pay in also.

Seeing him for the first time!

Lighting the candle.

Everyone has to put their hands on the thing to be "connected" I think...

And strings ties them together.

So crowded!!!

People tie strings as blessings.

Gifts to the immediate family.

They were fed eggs, not sure what that means... heh

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Grace said...

This is so cool to see! It's almost like a documentary of something we've never seen before :D