Saturday, October 9, 2010

American Wedding: Manisawn + Daniel

Wow, talk about a hiatus! I was busy trying to finish up editing this wedding, so didn't have time to show you anything else. Once I am all caught up again, there will be like two weddings a week to show off!

The previous post showed you what Manisawn and Daniel's Laotian wedding was like, but they also had a American style wedding the very next day! I didn't think they could top the Laotian wedding, but was I wrong. :)

Wedding ceremony was at Loose Park in Kansas City, and reception at The Berg Event Space. The Berg had some very nice venue coordinators, I wish everyone was like them! There is so much to share, but here are some just to take you through Manisawn and Daniel's love story.


Handsome dudes!

Non-stop kissing action! Ha ha!

Love this shot by Kristyn!

Kristyn also got this shot of Daniel crying

Bubbles exit!

Kristyn took this one! Love it!

I know you guys can't get enough of these ladies...

I really like this shot in the freight elevator!

Sometimes, I just like it simple and clean. :)

Gotta love technology. This is one of the couple's friend currently in China talking over the internet!

A huge thanks again to Manisawn and Daniel for being awesome on BOTH days of the wedding!

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Nathan Choate said...

Awesome stuff. I have seen shots from many weddings at Loose Park, and I must say, yours are the best I have seen thus far. What an awesome couple too!