Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Jessie + Nick

Yet another glorious wedding with Sarah of Sarah Dickerson Photography! Jessie and Nick got married in a beautiful church somewhere in Kansas, and had the reception at one of my favorite venues, the Sawyer Room (Their DJ gets people down on the dance floor, everytime!). Both Jessie and Nick are so relaxed that it's so easy to photograph, and their fun bridal party made the photoshoot so much fun. Speaking of the bridal party, I actually went to high school with one of the bridesmaid, and she recently got engaged!

I think I got more of Nick and creative shots at this wedding, so for more shots of the pretty Jessie, check out Sarah's blog post. :)

She was cold, so he wrapped his jacket around her, ha ha!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lee's Summit Engagement: Mandy + Nick

Mandy is another one of my coworkers from the day job! I will be shooting their wedding mid 2012, but they want the engagement photos done now so she can make a photobook for their mothers in time for mother's day! Such fun couple, can't wait for their wedding!

Thanks to Seng for helping out, she is getting better and better!

Kansas City Engagement: Shelley + Ben

Yay new photos! Ben is actually my coworker at my day job (yeah, I am a weekend warrior), and once he found out what I do on the weekends, he asked me to shoot his wedding later this year. I agreed, and so here comes the engagement session. We went to Liberty Memorial in Kansas City first, but then it actually started snowing, so we went to the bridge/walkway at Crown Center for the second part.

Usually the guys are not as interested in photos, but Shelley was very enthusiastic and energetic, so I was able to get some really fun photos of them. Congrats to Shelley and Ben!