Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Erin + Shaun

Of course every bride is all smiles and happy on their wedding day, but with Erin, you can tell that smiling/laughing is her personality. On the wedding day, I tell all my brides to just smile all the time, whether I am shooting or not. I did not have to remind Erin once throughout the whole day, she was just so genuinely happy!

We met up with Shaun at the church, and what a nice guy. So calm, yet helpful. His groomsmen and him offered to carry my heavy camera gear, but I couldn't accept, because Laura will think I am not working hard enough! Ha ha...

We finished the day with the reception at the Crown Plaza Hotel in downtown KC. The room had circular windows that offered 360 degrees view of downtown, so awesome. Speaking of awesome, I shot this wedding with Laura of Lark Photography.

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