Friday, September 26, 2008

Amanda (Blue)

Amanda's Shoot Album

Amanda is another friend of mine, pretty cute girl, so I thought I'd do a senior type of shoot for her. Since we met while going to UMKC, I thought it was an appropriate place to do the photoshoot. The sun was kinda harsh, so we mainly shot in the shadows.

If you go to the full shoot album, some of the beginning shots were in her apartment. When I walked in, I noticed that she had big windows, and the blinds diffused the light perfectly, making it a pretty good studio! I should probably rent a place there, ha ha...

Senior style shot

Model pose

Trying to capture her eye color and catchlights

Showing the back

Glamour shot!

I really like how her body makes a "S" curve, sexy!

Shot from above

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Skater Boys

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon, not too hot, so I thought I'd grab the camera and head to this local skater park to check it out. I never been there before, so thought I could scout for the next shoot location. But when I got there, there were some kids on the court already, so I changed my mind, and thought, I could use some variety in my portfolio anyways! These kids agreed to the shoot, so here some good ones.

Photography Workshop

I went to a photography workshop here locally last week, they were talking about portraits and lighting, which is exactly what I was looking for!

The workshop was provided by Digital Dimensions KC, and Digital Labrador provided the place for the meeting. Peter and Steven from Digital Labrador showed us different effects of different lights, as well as tricks in using reflectors. They brought in Heather as the model for the lessons.

Now that I have learned some techniques, I want to rent a studio and do some studio lighting shots myself!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Jacy's Shoot Album

Let's just put it this way, Jacy is my spokesperson. I don't even know if she realize that, ha ha! And the thing was that she started out kind of like a normal senior shoot, but towards the end, she transformed into a supermodel! She was able to produce that "look"/expression that made the photos look high class. She takes directions well, and was very patient with me.

I love all my models, they are all great. I just picked Jacy as my "favorite" because she also gave me the most responses. Friends and strangers were wowed by her. I am really hoping to work with her again soon! Now here are the pictures!

This is THE picture. I have it on my phone to show people.

Senior style shoot

Trying out a collage, but I really like the main picture

A "sassy pose", as a friend puts it :)

Another one of my beter works. Love the feeling you get from this picture!

Another one of my prized photo, she knows how to pose!

Found this couch in a conference room, thought we'd use it

Headshot, experimenting with the light from above

Portrait shot

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Jessica's Shoot Album

Yes yes, I know, it's really the girls, but I think I am getting better at this photography thing! :P At least I'd like to think so... Not to reveal her age, but Jessica is actually the oldest model I have shot, and she was awesome!

We shot at the Kauffman Garden, including the indoor part of it. This time around, I was more familiar with the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens, so I think a lot of the photos came out the way I wanted. On with the photos!

So elegant...

I really like the "line" of her pose in this one

Playing with the natural lighting, while getting the blurred background

I really like this one too!

Overexposed a bit for the high-key (blown highlights) effect

Shot at f/1.8, very risky, but I got lucky!

Accidentally saw this "through the jungle" shot :)

She is like a super model!

Striking a pose, love the attitude!

There are so many good photos, so be sure to check out the rest of the album!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Cassandra's Shoot Album

So far it's been cute and fun photoshoots, and I wanted variety, something that is edgy, grunge, and sexy for a change. Cassandra contacted me, and agreed to the style. I picked a empty parking garage to accompany the cold, cool atmosphere. It also happened to rain that day, which didn't bothered us. :)

Since there were no sunlight, lighting was hard to do. I had to either use flash or try to handle the long exposures. All in all, the pics were pretty good.

Portrait shot

One of my favorites. Some people say it looks like a CD cover :)

The tungsten light in the garage was giving interesting colors with the camera white balance

Bounced light from flash

Friday, September 12, 2008


Callie's Shoot Album

Another girl from Craigslist, am I lucky or what?! :D Callie wanted a more vintage style, which I was a little confused at first. I thought vintage usually means sepia, therefore orange and red tones, so I have chosen the downtown area of KC for the location as the brick buildings are what I am looking for.

Callie was awesome to shoot with, loved her expressions, and she just had that calm but high class feel. I was glad it was a cloudy day, so no harsh lighting. Since it was like 9 am, no one was around the streets, perfect for photos!

Trying out a wider composition, she looks like she is gliding :)

Pretty smile

He he, giving it a real photo feel

One of my favorites, she is a supermodel!

Callie is a graphics designer, so I thought the "Studio" was fitting, along with the B&W and color effect

Pretty good, I wish I could have a separate lighting for better illumination

I just really like her headshots... I need a better lens! :P

Just a fun one. She picked out the background herself, it was better than my ideas... :P

Be sure to check out the full album for all the pictures!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Micaela's Shoot Album

Woohoo! My first stranger shoot! Micaela responded to my Craigslist ad, and was the first to actually came through with the shoot! I was really excited because she had the Spanish "flavor" to her, and wow, those are some legs! :D As we shot, I told her to smile in pretty much all the pictures because her smile was just awesome. I call them the Micaela smile! :)

A lot of people like this one because she looks really comfortable

Gosh, isn't she just cute?!

I like her pose in this one

I am going for the calm/soft feel for this shot

He he, even though "reflection" shots are everywhere, I had to try it too!

Another one of my favorites!

Probably my favorite of them all, glamoured supermodel!