Monday, September 8, 2008


Micaela's Shoot Album

Woohoo! My first stranger shoot! Micaela responded to my Craigslist ad, and was the first to actually came through with the shoot! I was really excited because she had the Spanish "flavor" to her, and wow, those are some legs! :D As we shot, I told her to smile in pretty much all the pictures because her smile was just awesome. I call them the Micaela smile! :)

A lot of people like this one because she looks really comfortable

Gosh, isn't she just cute?!

I like her pose in this one

I am going for the calm/soft feel for this shot

He he, even though "reflection" shots are everywhere, I had to try it too!

Another one of my favorites!

Probably my favorite of them all, glamoured supermodel!

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