Monday, October 18, 2010

Thanks Erin and Tim!

Erin and Tim are actually my co-workers, and I was really excited they found me! Really enjoyed shooting their wedding, and was glad we got to shoot the bridal stuff at the end of the day, where we got all the time to get all the shots I wanted. I really can't think of a way to improve their day! Here is what Erin and Tim wrote me:

"Mike! We have gotten so many compliments on the photos! Everyone loves them. You did such an awesome job, not only with taking the pics but with being laid back and fun, yet professional. Thank you very much for being part of out wedding day...

From what we’ve seen so far on your blog, they look awesome, and we can hardly wait to see all of them. I probably look at the blog about once or twice a day because I think those pictures rock, and we are seriously about to burst with excitement to see all of the pictures!"

Yay! So happy! I feed off of feedbacks like this, I can draw so much energy from it! And for their wedding I did a photobooth, which Seng (my second shooter) and I got a few photos with Erin and Tim!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lenexa Wedding: Erin + Tim

Let me just first say, I love shooting weddings. Especially when my couples enjoy getting photos as much as I do. I shot Erin and Tim's couples photo after the early reception, so we practically had unlimited time to shoot. Furthermore, they are so photogenic and have ideas of their own just made my job so much easier!

If you didn't know, I actually have a M-F day job, but since weddings are usually on weekends, they fit my schedule perfectly. My company has a local classified section on our intranet, and that's where Erin and Tim found me. So yes, they are my co-workers too! We met up over lunch for the consultation, and when I first saw them, I knew I wanted to shoot their wedding. And after we ate, they told me they've decided to use me, I was so excited!

Fast forward to the wedding day, and it exceeded my expectation! Everything was so beautiful, everyone was so nice, and every photo was my favorite, ha ha! I had the honor of Seng Nickerson to assist me with the wedding, she was so helpful! I will have to use her again...

Something special that I brought to this wedding was a photobooth. It was a huge hit! People were having so much fun! I am definitely going to be adding more and upgrading the photobooth, so be sure to ask about my photobooth if your wedding is coming up! I will make a separate post for the photobooth photos of this wedding later. For now, you get the wedding photos of Erin and Tim's wedding!

By the way, this is their FIRST KISS!!!

Wow, look at the concentration...

This is the reaction of a photobooth spectator, love it!

These guys had too much energy to not make them jump!

*Camera nerd warning* Ugh, I just love the images from the Canon 135L!

What a gentleman... Ha ha

This was totally their idea, and I love it!

Umm yeah, favorite photo of the day. Period.

Wow, that was a lot of photos, but I just couldn't leave any out!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

American Wedding: Manisawn + Daniel

Wow, talk about a hiatus! I was busy trying to finish up editing this wedding, so didn't have time to show you anything else. Once I am all caught up again, there will be like two weddings a week to show off!

The previous post showed you what Manisawn and Daniel's Laotian wedding was like, but they also had a American style wedding the very next day! I didn't think they could top the Laotian wedding, but was I wrong. :)

Wedding ceremony was at Loose Park in Kansas City, and reception at The Berg Event Space. The Berg had some very nice venue coordinators, I wish everyone was like them! There is so much to share, but here are some just to take you through Manisawn and Daniel's love story.


Handsome dudes!

Non-stop kissing action! Ha ha!

Love this shot by Kristyn!

Kristyn also got this shot of Daniel crying

Bubbles exit!

Kristyn took this one! Love it!

I know you guys can't get enough of these ladies...

I really like this shot in the freight elevator!

Sometimes, I just like it simple and clean. :)

Gotta love technology. This is one of the couple's friend currently in China talking over the internet!

A huge thanks again to Manisawn and Daniel for being awesome on BOTH days of the wedding!