Friday, September 12, 2008


Callie's Shoot Album

Another girl from Craigslist, am I lucky or what?! :D Callie wanted a more vintage style, which I was a little confused at first. I thought vintage usually means sepia, therefore orange and red tones, so I have chosen the downtown area of KC for the location as the brick buildings are what I am looking for.

Callie was awesome to shoot with, loved her expressions, and she just had that calm but high class feel. I was glad it was a cloudy day, so no harsh lighting. Since it was like 9 am, no one was around the streets, perfect for photos!

Trying out a wider composition, she looks like she is gliding :)

Pretty smile

He he, giving it a real photo feel

One of my favorites, she is a supermodel!

Callie is a graphics designer, so I thought the "Studio" was fitting, along with the B&W and color effect

Pretty good, I wish I could have a separate lighting for better illumination

I just really like her headshots... I need a better lens! :P

Just a fun one. She picked out the background herself, it was better than my ideas... :P

Be sure to check out the full album for all the pictures!

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