Monday, September 6, 2010

Harrisonville Wedding: Adena + Kerry

Earlier in the Summer I got to shoot with Jana of Jana Maries Photography, and we had one of the most fun couple to work with. Adena and Kerry were both so cool and relaxing, we became friends quickly and rest of the day was pretty much "hanging out with friends." The wedding venue was beautiful, so much to work with. If you are wanting a field/vintage feel kinda location, A Frog Prince really would be a place I'd recommend.

It was end of June, so the weather was hot and humid. But being a photography fan herself, Adena was willing to take on the heat for good photos to remember by. Towards sunset, we went out to a nearby field and shot some of my favorite "warm" photos. Turns out, I have actually shot Adena's good friend, Sarah's wedding! What a small world! It's little things like this that makes me enjoy shooting, because I am just making friends left and right!

Oh, Adena and Kerry put together a music CD, which is currently still in my car CD player! Favorite song on there is "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. :)

Best. First-sight. Reaction. Ever.

Favorite from the day!

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