Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lenexa Wedding: Sarah + Lane

I know when I shoot a wedding, I have fun. But Sarah and Lane made sure they get the most out of their day too! Lane was just chilled and relaxed before the wedding, Sarah was truly happy because there was a smile on her face at all times. Which is awesome for me, because I have a photo journalistic style to my shooting, and what I got from them were natural and expressive.

I don't think I have ever taken so many "fun" ceremony shots (see below), because brides usually just stand there and stare at the groom. Not Sarah, she went from smiling to laughing to crying, and then back to smiling. I think I saw smoke coming from my camera trying to catch up with her expressions! :)

The reception was no slouch either. They did it at Power Play, which is an arcade (with go karts!) and food place. We set up a photobooth at the place and just let people get crazy. The day was just so much fun that Laura and I talked about it while driving all the way home!

Tips to all brides: Smile all the time on your day!

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christyc84 said...

Liked this set Mike! Especially the cake topper ring shot!! Good work! Comment on mine! :)