Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding: Ashley + Adam

(By the way, this is post #101!)

I shot this wedding two weeks ago, and I have been wanting to post these teasers so bad last week! But, since it's busy wedding season, you get them now. :) The couple were on honeymoon anyways!

Ashley and Adam were referred to me from a friend, who actually shot their engagement photos, but can't shoot the wedding. Their engagement photos were great, so I had a big shoe to fill. After editing these photos, I must say even I am proud of myself!

It was a hot and humid day, but I don't think that got to us at all. Ashley had beautiful and colorful decorations all over Stony Point Hall in Baldwin City, KS, so that made my job really easy! Both Ashley and Adam were really easy going, they've done everything I asked them to!

I don't think you want to read me raving about this wedding, I will just show you the photos!

Probably my favorite of Ashley!

Love ring shots!

Sparklers Exit!

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