Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Meagan + Lenn

Lenn is my co-worker at my day job, and it didn't take too long that the word of being a wedding photographer got around the office. Meagan actually make the cake herself (it was really good!) as well as other decorations. It was at the Uptown Theater, where the venue put up their names in the marquee sign. The Uptown was chosen because theater was where Meagan and Lenn met, where he proposed, and now where they got married! It was my pleasure to photograph Lenn and Meagan's wedding.

I also got to work with my good friend Dale who shot the wedding with me, and Jereme of Crosslink Productions who did the video. I had set up a photobooth for Meagan and Lenn's wedding, which I will post some photos in a later post. It was a hit!

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