Friday, October 14, 2011

Washington MO Wedding: Jill + Nick

This is probably the furtherest out wedding I have booked, years ahead! I met Jill when I work-studied in college, but at the time I was just running around with my point-and-shoot camera. Thanks to Facebook, Jill was able to see that I got into wedding photography, and that she liked my photos. So, when Jill got engaged, she demanded that I shoot her wedding. It's so awesome!

Fast forward to the big day. It started with some drizzling, I was already looking for covered area for photos. However, by ceremony time, the clouds parted and the sun came out, so I was able to have ample beautiful into the church. This wedding wasn't really about the details for me, but all the emotions and interactions. Jill and Nick were very much in love, and all his/her friends/relatives are so close to them, so it was easy for me to capture all the candid feelings.

There are many photos to choose from for the blog, but I think these will do for now. Big thanks to my friend Dale for shooting this wedding with me, and then drive all the way to NC the next day!

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