Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding: Robyn + Steven

I was on vacation last week, and planned on arriving at home on Friday night, then rest for the weekend. But in the middle of the trip, I got a call from Laura, asking for help on the Saturday (right after I got back). I was a little hesitant, because I won't be 100%, but agreed to it anyways. Laura's personality gives off energy... :)

Boy am I glad I took on this wedding! It was in St. Joseph, MO (1 hour away) and rainy, but that didn't stop Robyn and Steven from having the time of their life! As a modeling photographer, Robyn has got that "exotic" feel and she seems to know fashion. Steven was so easy to hang with, it made my job so fun. I usually try to make the groom laugh to relax him, but Steven was making ME laugh!

Anyways, I got lots of photos to share here, so let's put that internet connection to good use~

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