Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wedding: Tisha + Andy

Whew! It's been a while hasn't it? That's because I shot a wedding last last weekend, but not as a second photographer, but the primary! All the sudden my work just multiplied like crazy! Editing now takes two weeks (hence the hiatus) instead of one. Before I go into the details of how awesome the wedding was, I some special people to thank:

Sarah - Thanks for the referral! I hate to brag, but you missed out on a sweet wedding that you could have shot too! Ha ha...

Dale - Thanks for second shooting for me last minute, and did a phenomenal job assisting, making sure I got the shots I wanted, so I can look good in front of the bride/groom.

Laura - I will be honest, I was so ill prepared at the last wedding I shot by myself... But by second shooting like 10+ weddings with you, I felt so much better going in this time, and was actually able to enjoy the wedding too!

So, on to the wedding... Too many good things made this a perfect wedding: Nice weather, relaxed couple, knowledgeable assistant, borrowed cool camera lenses, good food, nice wedding colors, and most important of all, I was prepared. So thanks to Tisha and Andy for being so awesome, enjoy your photos! :)

Shot by Dale

Did I say I like ring shots? :)


D. Woods said...

Mike your wedding shoots continue to improve with every outing, keep up the good work!

4Honor said...

Thanks for the blog love man! This couple/wedding made my job easy!