Sunday, March 13, 2011

St. Joseph Wedding: Abby + Cory

Laura and I have shot a couple weddings in St. Joseph already, and they are actually referred from Abby, because she just love Laura so much! She kinda knows me going in since I second shot for Laura at said weddings. Without Abby, Laura and I wouldn't have these road trips, so thanks Abby!

Mid October, perfect fall weather. We started at the Benton Club for getting ready photos, and there we met the fun bridal party. The church is just down the street, one of the most gorgeous churches I have been to. Finished the day off with the reception at Moila Country Club.

But, in between all that is when we had the most fun taking photos! Abby is just so relaxed and bubbly, which made all her smiles natural. Cory was cool and calm, just taking care of stuff as needed. When you put them together they just burst with genuine love! They were so emotional and sweet, I hope my photos show that. I want to thank them both for being patient with Laura and I, because we just couldn't stop taking pictures of them! Every shot is lovely.

So, that explains the huge post. Please let them finish loading and enjoy!

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