Monday, March 21, 2011

Photobooth at Erin and Tim's wedding!

I can't believe I forgot to publish this post, but it's too fun to pass up! :)

I recently acquired equipments for making a photobooth, and thought I'd provide it at Erin and Tim's wedding. Based on the reactions and photos I got, I'd say it was a great success!

What is a Photobooth?
A photobooth is pretty much a camera that takes a series of photos for you. You and your friends can get crazy and creative without the need for a dedicated photographer there.

Right now I have a pretty simple setup: You just pick up the remote/clicker, and shoot away. I will be adding more props and upgrades to make the experience more fun for everyone.

Why have a photobooth?
I believe the photobooth is a way to keep guests at your reception. It gives them a reason to stay and enjoy the day with you, same idea as having a good DJ that can keep people on the dance floor.

So, here are some photobooth photos to show you how much fun it is! Please ask about it for your wedding if you book with me!

By FAR my favorite of the day! She jumped from a chair just outside of the shot!

Yeah... camera duals... :)

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