Thursday, May 7, 2009

Business Cards

Sweet! Finally! My cards have arrived! I got really frustrated every time I meet a potential model, and can't show them a nice card so they will take me seriously. I had to resort to writing it down on a piece of paper... :( Not anymore! :)

Models: If you are reading this, please get with me so we can shoot, and your face might be on my next batch of business cards!

Composite shot

Just the models: Sheena, Jacy, and Sarah

My girls and me!

Yeah, not very creative design, but check out that partial gloss on the tribal symbol!


matthew said...

Cards look good!

Who did 'em?

La Brisa Photography said...

Cards look awesome man! like the matte finish! Curious to know who did them as well?

Jay said...

Love the layout!!

Might have to steal it..or you could send me it lol.