Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Nikki's Shoot Album

First thing first: Check out the full album! I couldn't fit every picture in the post!

I met Nikki back from the House of Styles shoot, and she was just awesome with facial expressions that I wanted to shoot her again. She says all her photos so far are fashion/sexy style, so I offered a casual shoot to change things up for her portfolio.

This is also the first time I got to use my new Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens, which is probably the best portrait telephoto lens Canon makes. I just had to get it due to a current Canon instant rebate (ends 1/17/09!). But more on that later in a different post, I know you want pictures now! :)

P.S. Sorry, also want to note the new logo, thought it was more fitting for this style... And I think I may start using the big photos!

My favorite one from the shoot, her facial expressions are just pretty/soothing/cute/adorable/whatever else!

Another one of my favorites! I am sure you have seen the same compositions before, but I really like it!

I LOVE this photo! Not only it looks awesome (I copied the style from another awesome photographer), but I couldn't have gotten this shot without my new lens! So worth it...

Isn't she just so pretty when she smiles?! :D

I thought this one was pretty good too...

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