Friday, October 10, 2008

House of Style KC

House of Style KC Shoot Album

Sorry about no new posts in a while, I was busy editing these photos from HOS-KC! I am on this modeling site called Model Mayhem, and one day I got a message from House of Style Productions inviting me to their upcoming shoot.

I have heard about them before from another friend that shot with them. It's basically a group led by David Hamilton, where local models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, and designers gather, and work together to get everyone networked.

After the models are done with makeup, they get assigned a photographer (like me), and we shoot for a while. When I am done with a model, I kick him/her to the curbs and get a new one... Oh wait, we are not talking my love life here... :P No, the models return to get a new look/style, and I get the next available model. At the end, I provide at least 3 pictures for each model. Anyways, enough with the talking, below are some of my favorites!

Sarah - This is probably my favorite of this shoot... The green and black really make her face stand out!

Chantal - I wasn't sure how to shoot her, but I think the results are nice :)

Jessica - Heh, not too crazy about the crazy hair, but people seems to like this effect I used...

Jessica - same girl from above, but just crazy makeup this time :)

Kim - This girl, has the most vibrant beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen!

Molly - Another "creative" style from the artists... She looks really nice without the makeup though.

Nikki - You know, I really like her hair! It's very cute!

Sarah - I like these chain fence shots...

Steve - How about some guy photos? :)

Tom - I feel this one can be used in an ad or something...

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