Thursday, October 30, 2008

Carmen & Lauren (Chiefs)

Carmen & Lauren's Chiefs Shoot Album

Aww yes, new pictures! I met Carmen on a modeling site, and we agreed to do a shoot. Then she found another girl who came along for some group shots. Since it's close to Halloween, they dressed up as Chiefs cheerleaders! I really like the boots, they are pretty sexy... :)

Same as before, I used the 580EX II on camera, and the 580EX I on a tripod wirelessly. The sun was still very harsh, so I had to put their back to it and use the flash to light up the faces. I am really liking this two flash set up now!

I find the poses in this photo is very edgy/sexy!

Carmen close up shot

Lauren with an edgy pose

Hehe, don't mess with these girls!

Used the tonal contrast effect to give it the "harsh dirty" look, I kinda like it!

I really like this one, I kinda want to print a calender size of it... :)

I threw in this effect since it looks like a lot of people liked it... and they do still!

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