Saturday, October 4, 2008


Kayte's Shoot Album

Kayte was super awesome to work with, because when you are ready to shoot, she has already made her pose, and waiting for you. All I had to do was click away! I told her, "wow, you seem to know how to pose pretty well...", and she replied, "well, I watch a lot of America's Top Model!" Ha ha, notes to other models, watch more TV!!!

We shot this at the AmeriStar Casino in KC, because I was told there is this train inside that is pretty historical. However, upon arrival, I noticed that the whole place is super dark! I had to shoot with my 50mm f/1.8 lens the whole time at f/1.8, because there was never enough light. I used a flash I borrowed from my friend, so that helped a lot. Even though the shoot was challenging, I learn a lot about my camera/lens and techniques for shooting in the dark. Surprisingly, most people seem to like it, and want to shoot with me in the dark! Time for me to get better lenses!

Headshot, playing with the ambient lighting

Kayte is bring sexy BACK!

Some people really like this 45 degree portrait shot

If the girls are wearing skirts, I will show off their sexy legs, it's only fair! :)

This photo was in total darkness, I was surprised that I actually captured it! I like it...

Ha ha, a guy actually came and told me that I had a very pretty wife/girlfriend, and that I had good taste. Umm... Thanks? She is already married? I will pass on the word. :D

It didn't really jump out at me at first, but after editing, I really love this one!

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