Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Amanda (Sexy Black)

Amanda's Sexy Black Shoot Album

Amanda and I originally only planned for a morning shoot, but since the day was nice, we both had nothing else to do, we decided to change wardrobe and have a second shoot! The first set (Amanda Blue) was more of a pretty senior shoot, and I wanted a young sexy shoot, so she put on a black top with white shorts for maximum contrast.

We drove over to the KC Art Museum, and found this building, which had translucent glass walls. Translucent glass means the harsh sunlight will be nicely diffused! Perfect! The inside part of the building had white walls and dark floor, so matches perfectly with her outfit. I focused on her long legs for most of the shoots, and then her long hair.

Model portrait shot

Higher angle, which I like, but I wish I had better depth of field

This could almost be a B&W shot, but I wanted to preserve her skin tone

One of my favorite effects, good for sexy shots like this :)

Creative composition

I like the line her body makes, yet she looks comfortable

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