Thursday, December 18, 2008

Amanda (Studio Shoot)

Sorry about the lateness in updates, haven't had many shoots due to the cold weather, no girls wants to come out... :(

But, I do have some photos from my last shoot with Amanda. This was shot in a studio style setting, as my friends had some lights for me to play with. Since this was my very first studio shoot, I probably made a lot of mistakes. I didn't know the background was going to be black, so Amanda wore black also, but some shots it came out pretty cool. These were done with 2 flash umbrellas, and mostly at f/4-5.6, with shutter at ~1/250 second.

Watch closely at the curves of the dress, there are highlights to distinguish it from the background! :D

Different outfit, kinda nice!

Portrait style shot

I always love a close up headshot!

Heh, the classic headshot...

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