Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! Welcome 2009!

Hi readers, happy new year! 2008 has been pretty exciting for me, as it's when I bought my first dSLR and started to shoot more seriously. In the mere 8 months, I have already racked up $3200 in camera gears! Oh well, more to come anyways, ha ha...

I want to share with you a slide show I found, made by MSNBC. It has some of the most amazing photos I have seen. You will just have to check it out for yourself to see what I mean. The images are so powerful! I have much to learn... :)

The Year in Pictures 2008

Please comments so I know who is reading my blog! Thanks!

- Mike


christyc84 said...

That is awesome Mike!

.:mallory:. said...

Mike, you know I read your blog, silly.