Saturday, June 27, 2009


I have actually shot Carmen a while back, when I first started... But that's when I sucked, so when I found out she was leaving town, I thought I'd have to shoot her before she leaves. So, this is what we got!

Very cute pose...

Actually one of my favorites

I like the curves in her pose

Second outfit

Gotta have the sexy full body shots! :)

Of course, a headshot to show off the cute face!


christyc84 said...

you did not suck!!!! You just have improved. These are great!

christyc84 said...

well you didn't suck and it's not just me being nice!! I think some of the ones of Carmen on your Myspace albums are even better than these- they look gorgeous. If you ever want to see my current work (faster than a blog post) visit:

Sean said...

These are excellent indeed! She looks really comfortable in front of the camera for you, and your photography is very clean & well composed.

Jay Kilgore said...


The model is GORGEOUS!!

Nice, crisp, clean images, I'd love the chance to work with her, so I'm envious of you lol.

Great work you two!