Friday, June 12, 2009


I am usually pretty shy around girls, but now that I am a photographer, I have gained confidence. So, when I see a pretty girl, I will usually go and be friends, and then see if there is a chance to take some photos of her. I met Mary at a friend's get-together, and she was just so nice! Coupled with a cute smile, I kinda had in mind I want to shoot this girl. But, I sucked at the time, so I hesitated.

Fast forward! I am much better now, so I offered. Mary happened to need a headshot, so it was perfect. We shot for about 5 hours around KC, and this is a TINY sample of what we got. :)

I liked the clean background, fits her very well

Had to have headshots for each outfit! :)

So elegant...

I love pretty girls in red dresses!

By far one of my favorites from the day!

Love her eyes... and the hair frames her face well.

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