Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wedding: Brittney + Brandon

I have been shooting weddings like crazy lately, it's the best way to learn! This is another wedding I second shot for Sara Tafoya Photography.

I haven't shot that many weddings, but Brittney and Brandon are definitely the most fun to photograph. Brandon was goofy, so were his groomsmen, to the point I can't even show you some of the photos I got of them... Ha ha! Then Brittney was not only easy to direct, she is like a model, she just knew how to make the serious faces that some of my models have a hard time with. Put the two together, you get great photos and have lots of fun!

Anyways, I think I am improving my skills, or just that Brittney and Brandon made it really easy for me... Maybe both? Oh, this is also the first wedding I got to shoot with my new 24-70L lens! :D Picture time!

Ahh, the dress shot...

Da groomsmen! They look like a band or something... :)

They were inside a freight elevator!

My first real try at ring shots!

Table pieces...

Many people like the blue background... :)

Love da B&W shots!

Heh, taking a picture of a picture!

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