Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wedding: Erin + Jess

It's been a while! The first thing you probably noticed is the wider format of the blog. I have decided to experiment with a wider format so I can show off my landscape photos. Feel free to provide feedback on how it looks like on your screen, thanks!

Erin and Jess are my first wedding of 2010! I second shot for Laura Kathryn Photography, and had lots of fun! I am also trying to post processing effects, so let me know what you think.

The couple were very easy to work with and followed directions well. I did accidentally step on the bride's dress, and almost ripped it! It's bound to happen to me... :( Also, as you can see from the outside shot, it snowed like crazy that night! I couldn't even drive home, instead crashed at a friend's place. Oh well, enough about me, enjoy the photos~

Ha ha, one of the groomsman threw snowball at them! :D


EV said...

i like the wider format, looks good on my screen :)

jenifriend said...

wow mike! these look fantastic!! i can't even pick a favorite right now!!

4Honor said...

Ha ha, thanks guys!

Well Jeni, for starters, most people seems to like the ring shot the best... :)