Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedding: Whitney + Timothy

Oh yeah! Another wedding! But this time, I actually shot with another associate of Laura Kathryn Photography, Ann! She was equally awesome to work with as Laura, so it was very fun for me.

In my last wedding post, I decided to use this action in Photoshop for all my photos, to see if I get different reactions, and this time I decided to do all black and white photos! These were actually harder to edit because with B&W, I have to make sure all the lights/darks are correctly exposed, and contrasty enough to make everything nice.

As for Whitney and Tim, probably the best couple I have worked with in my wedding photography career! So nice, so photogenic, so willing to sacrifice to get good photos! It snowed that day, but no matter, she still wore a strapless dress OUTSIDE! Crazy girl... :P Anyways, enjoy the photos!

Ummm yes, that would be snow in the background... :)


La Brisa Photography said...

fabulous portrait of the bride (#2)! your work continues to get better and better!

christyc84 said...

I like the black and white!

jenifriend said...

really love your work! keep it up; i love seeing what you come up with!

Sean said...

Wow, the shots in the snow outside are amazing! Gorgeous stuff, Mike!

matthew said...

Beautifully done. Really loving the shot of him holding her (the first one with them smiling).