Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Megan + Jason

Most of the couples I have shot are fun, classy, and elegant, but Megan and Jason are actually sweet. They don't really go crazy in love, but just the calm and sweet love. The kinda that just put a smile on your face. I can easily remember that day while I was editing the photos.

The ceremony is right on the Plaza, and reception at the Marriott Hotel nearby. The wedding was actually pretty early in the morning, so instead of a reception dinner, we had a reception brunch. It was probably the fanciest brunch ever! I got some photos, but I already had too many photos, so those didn't make the blog... Oh well, enjoy this sweet wedding I shot with Lark Phootography!

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zerry ht said...

Just tremendous wedding party!! What a thoughtful ceremony it was! I would love to use these ideas in my wedding ceremony that is going to be organized at most beautiful NYC venues in mid of next year.