Monday, January 10, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Stephanie + Erik

Such fancy and classy wedding! Good looking couple + nice fall weather = photographer's paradise! We started with Stephanie and bridesmaids, they were all prettying themselves up. Just love Stephanie's dress, the lines are so elegant! Got lots of shots, then I was send to hang with Erik and the guys. They all seemed shy when I first walk in, but then became very fun in no time.

Went out by the pool for the first sight, and then head out by Nelson Atkins Museum for the bridal shots. After the ceremony, we went back to the InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza for reception. The food was so good, and as was the toasts. People were getting teary left and right, that's like all the true emotion photographers want!

This was another fantastic wedding shot with Laura of Lark Photography, love her clients!

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Nathan Choate said...

Good stuff Mike. Love the InterContinental. Have had a few shoots there in the bar and lobby areas. Have never had a chance to shoot out at the pool but every time I have been there I wanted to. Just wasn't that the clients on those shoots needed.