Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Charlotte + Daniel

In case you didn't know, we got like the biggest snow storm in the past 40 years in Kansas City! I had to take two days off work, but it was good because I got to catch up on some errands and edit photos!

This is the first of 8 weddings in October... Yes, 8. Consider there is only 4 weekends in a month, I pretty much went none stop with no break. But, fun times to be had! This wedding was shot with Sarah of Sarah Dickerson Photography, which you can see her/more shots on her blog post here!

We begin the day at a beautiful church, everyone was relaxed and fun, it was my candid heaven. Add in a nice fall weather, this wedding couldn't be better. They ordered in some sandwich for lunch, which came with cookies... Yums, I am a sucker for cookies. You can probably pay me in cookies for photography... Ha ha!

Anyways, Charlotte was beautiful and her dress was too, then Daniel was just cool, along with all of his groomsmen. So easy to work with. After ceremony, we went to the reception at a country club, which we got two golf carts to drive around and take photos! Definitely a fun day, enjoy the photos!

Oh yeah, that's right! :D

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