Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kansas City Wedding: Chelsea + Tim

This wedding was actually at the same church as the Charlotte and Daniel's wedding, just one week later. It was interesting to go right back to the same church for another wedding. Funny thing was, the pastor somehow remembered me, and when Laura told her about me, she actually said that she remembered me because I was the one that went past the guest area to get shots during the ceremony. However, because I did it tastefully and with class (aka, sneaky), she made an exception for me to do it again at this wedding! It was both awesome and awkward for me... Ha ha!

Anyways, on to the couple! They usually exchange letters while getting ready, but Chelsea and Tim actually recorded their messages onto a pocket camcorder! It was so cool because I am a geek when it comes to electronics. Everything went uphill from there. Chelsea was so pretty and so expressive, full of emotions! Tim was not only handsome, but was able to keep up with Chelsea and we all had fun, all the way til reception.

Just a few things to point out, I usually only post photos of the couple, but the flower girl was just way to cute to not share with y'all! And the father of the bride wore a camo vest at the reception, so awesome! Oh, and Chelsea has amazing eyes!

Of course, shot this wedding with the awesome Laura of Lark Photography!

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grace said...

I really like this couple's photos. :)