Sunday, March 15, 2009


Amanda was at the same workshop as Sarah, and Amanda's shoot was actually shot solely on the 135L that I raved on the last post! Amanda was here for her senior photos, but I didn't know that, so I thought she was a model! Could have fooled anyone... :)

Note: If it's a small landscape photo, be sure to click on it for a larger version!

Remember to click for larger image! I love the creaminess of the background!

On the sidewalk of Grand...

I really like this one myself... :)

You are telling me she is not a model?! :D

A close up shot, different outfit

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christyc84 said...

Those photos are amazing! I love the backgrounds! Is that a smaller lens than your huge one or bigger? I am getting ready to order my 50mm and a flash diffuser! I have TWO shoots this week- SO exciting!