Thursday, March 26, 2009


Brandi is actually a friend of Jade's, she is new to modeling, but from these photos, you couldn't tell! Some people have that natural talent for the edgy looks, Brandi is one of them. She's got mile long legs, so I thought long boots would be fitting for her.

Jade was my posing coach, she directed Brandi while I shot the photos. The pictures were taken at West Bottoms, in Kansas City.

I like the angle of this shot

This effect is very fitting in my opinion, the wood and the white dress contrasts

Kinda hard to resist the sexiness huh? :D

Found a cool green door. The regular color version also looks awesome.

Brandi was awesome at posing! A natural.

Shot this pose with Sheena before, loved it, so had to try it again with Brandi. Yes, everyone's beloved effect again. Ha ha!


matthew said...

Absolutely love the composition and treatment of the first green door photo. And the last photo is well done. Great DOF and a full-length shot all in one.

Spot on, Mike.

Melissa McCrotty said...

Really love these, Mike!

Sean said...

Stunning series. Very solid compositions here with interesting locations. Great work!