Sunday, November 22, 2009


Man, been super busy with wedding photos lately that I don't even get to do modeling photos anymore! I apologize to my original viewers for that, but I will do more once the weather gets better in the spring or I get to work in studio...

I met Courtney at a local photographers get together, and after showing her some of my work and left her my card, I got an e-mail from her wanting to shoot. I thought she just want to come out and have a great time, but she actually got hair stylists and wardrobe designers to collaborate with her! I am very impressed. Only if all models can be like her... :)

So, here are the important people you need to get in touch with if you like any of the photos you see here!

Clothing Designer:
Jocelyn of Joscelyn Himes Textile

Whitney of Bangs Salon

And then of course, photos by me!

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La Brisa Photography said...

really love her look and the composition of #4! perfect!