Sunday, November 29, 2009


Now that the wedding season has slowed down, I was invited by a friend to shoot some models. We were very excited as we got a makeup artist and hair stylist that day!

Hair and Makeup by Shana and Ashley of "Shana Nicole Beauty"

So, here is the dark side of model photography that almost every pro knows: some models like to no call no show, and no respond when you try to reach them.

Anyways, enough about that. So, what do we do when we have spare time and a bunch of pros sitting around? We turn one of our photographers into a model of course! :D She said she wanted to look like Taylor Swift, so then our beauty team goes to work, and this is what we came up with... P.S. I got more of the same series coming, so check back soon!

Just so you know, you can see more at my Flickr page:



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