Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kansas City Wedding: Virginia + Travis

I shot this wedding a couple months ago with my friend Jana of Jana Maries Photography at my home city Blue Springs! Although it rained for the most part of the wedding, that didn't stop the two from having a good time. In turn, Jana and I rocked our part too.

I really like shooting Catholic weddings, they are so elegant! So many intricate details to capture, as well as the grand view of the church. After the ceremony, we went to the Marriott Hotel for reception, where we were fed so much awesome foods! Since it's a cash bar, a couple of the groomsmen even offered to buy me drinks. Best Groomsmen Ever! So much fun that day, too bad you only have the photos to experience... :)

Thanks to Jana for letting me tag along, so above is a shoutout to her!

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Gorgeous Mike!!!